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Have you ever thought about a Career In Treasure Coast Real Estate?   I’ve been in this industry 35 years and I have seen so many people with so many different backgrounds make BIG BUCKS in Real Estate. Perhaps you can too. 

If you have dreamed about not only earning a great living but helping people with their most important purchases, NOW is the time to act!  The housing market is hot and interest rates are at all-time lows. 

What would a life in real estate look like?  Good question! 

If you are operating your real estate business in Keller Williams Realty you could: 

1.     Be earning a six-figure income

2.     Be your own boss as an independent contractor. 

3.     Have a flexible schedule. 

4.     Have the absolute best Treasure Coast Real Estate training and support

5.     Work full or part time

6.     Continue working your current job and with Dual Career training ease into real estate.  

In order to accomplish the transition into a career in Real Estate you must: 

1.     Be a licensed Real Estate agent. 

2.     Be learning based. 

3.     Have a strong work ethic and a strong desire to be successful

4.     Have good communication skills. 

5.     Be willing to work on a commission basis. 

What are the first steps to building a successful Treasure Coast Real Estate Career? 

1.     Go thru the necessary training to prepare you for the State exam.  This can be done inexpensively by taking the training ON-LINE. CLICK HERE to check out the ON-LINE training.  This link will automatically give you a 30-35% discount if you decide to go forward. 

2.     Visit HERE and watch the videos to learn about Keller Williams Realty where you will receive the BEST TRAINING across all industries. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of training, especially with newer agents. 

3.     After you have applied to the State (I can help with that), get in touch with me so I can introduce you to a TEAM LEADER in Keller Williams for an interview.  

After having owned and operated several different businesses in my career I can tell you, without a shadow of doubt, that operating a real estate business within the umbrella of a KW office is the fastest and safest way to SUCCESS.  And yes, ask me about the KW PROFIT SHARE opportunity! 

Check us out at the link above and begin your Career in Real Estate today.